Styling Your Spring Portrait Session!

Feb 22, 2023 | Styling

Hello Friends,

Thank you so much for being here! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Anj Olson and I’m the owner and portrait artist at Anj Portrait Studio. This studio is a dream come true, a space filled with joy, and my creative haven.

What are we going to talk about today? Styling your Spring Portrait Session (Pinterest Link included)!

Fashion as a whole makes my heart soar; color harmony, the textures and nuances of fabrics, accessorizing a perfectly put-together outfit, and the way clothing can give a voice to your inner monologue. I often think that if I weren’t a photographer I would have loved to enter the world of fashion in some way.

When it comes to your session, the way you style your portrait session can dictate the mood, story, and personality of the session; take a moment to think through what type of moment and your “why”  when deciding on clothing.

Here are the suggestions I give my clients to start the styling process. Keep in mind, these are suggestions – what’s most important is that your vision comes to life in the way you envisioned.


Style the individual in the Portrait Session that cares the most about their outfit first.


In my family? That’s me. I’m the anchor point for styling unless we have a specific theme or aesthetic we’ve all decided on. Base all the rest of the outfits around that individual!


Choose a color palette with 3-5 colors included so that color harmony exists but everyone isn’t PERFECTLY matching.


Below is the 2023 Pantone Spring/Summer Color palette, described as “a palette that blends our need for high-spirited energy and dynamic vibrancy with colors that comfort and provide a calm space.” I need this palette in my life. Choosing 3-5 colors doesn’t mean your portrait session has to be bright or bold, you can always choose neutrals or a more monochromatic look for a classic, understated look!



Don’t rush the styling process – it’s important to start early (4-6 weeks before your session) to make sure there’s time for shipping, trying on multiple fits, and ensuring that you have outfits that help you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable. 


Did you know that Anj Portrait Studio includes Personal Styling with your session? We’ll talk through your favorite stores, clothing sizes, the aesthetic of the session, and your vision. What’s next? I’ll create a Pinterest Style Board for you to shop!



Patterns – I love them!


Patterns, textures and graphics can play a fun role in displaying personality or storytelling. My advice on patterns is that if you’re styling a family, 1/3 or 1/2 of the individuals should have patterns, and the remaining individuals should have solid colors that bring in the colors from the pattern.



Be aware and share with your photographer any body insecurities or fears in regards to being photographed and keep those in mind when choosing clothing.


If you’re uncomfortable with your arms? Make sure your outfit has sleeves or have a jacket. If your hands make you uncomfortable, wear a fit with pockets. Your photographer should be able to help with these things with posing, as well, but it helps your own confidence to not have to worry about it.


Lastly, be yourself!


This is an important one – there is no requirement or decree that states what “portrait clothing” is. You can be casual or glamorous, understated or bold, wear pajamas or an evening gown. As long as it tells your story, it’s perfect.



Need some ideas for a Spring Portrait Session? Click the link below to access a Spring Session Styling Board on Pinterest!


Spring Session Styling Board


Is styling for your portrait session stressing you out? Book a session with Anj Portrait Studio and I’ll take care of it for you! My expertise in styling our own family of 5, attempting to ensure that it’s a fun experience for everyone involved, and having family portraits taken at every stage of pregnancy/postpartum life has given me all the skills to help you find the best portrait clothing for your phase of life.

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