Why Should You Invest in Professional Headshots?

Why should you invest in professional headshots?


A professional headshot is a great way to create a strong first impression with clients.

The world we live in is dominated by digital communication and online networking, and often your headshot is the first interaction others have with you. First impressions can be formed in a split second. Your headshot acts as an initial point of contact and can communicate an immediate message about your professionalism, trustworthiness, and personality without a single word being spoken!

Imagine you are browsing a company’s website and the first impression you receive of the business owner is a slightly grainy/blurry image of an individual clearly cropped out of a family image from a vacation. What message does this send?

A professional headshot can establish trust and connection.

From a professional standpoint, a quality headshot can communicate approachability, trust, competence, and reliability. Who knew an image could hold so much? Trust is an important element of forming relationships and your clothing, facial expression, and posture can all play a role in the message your clients are receiving. 

A professional headshot can create brand consistency between various platforms.

There are multiple online platforms for your headshot to be showcased; having consistency and professionalism in your headshot creates a memorable online presence as well as reinforces the initial impression individuals have of you.


A professional headshot can separate you from competitors.

When searching for a service online, you can quite literally be met with thousands of options; having a quality headshot can be the reason that you’re selected over your competitors!


A professional headshot is an important and empowering element of your personal branding and identity.

It’s more than “just a photograph.” Your headshot is a visual representation of who you are and your business message. How you are perceived by viewers can be shaped by colors, backgrounds, props, etc., and your headshot should be tailored towards the field you are in or the product/service you are promoting. Not all headshots are created equal!

For example, if you are in a creative realm, a bright, enthusiastic, vibrant headshot might be more applicable than a formal option. It’s important to understand who you as well as who your audience is and not simply go with a standard image.





Here are some tips for a successful portrait experience!

Be yourself – your audience can tell when your pose is forced or you’re uncomfortable, find a photographer (ahem, Anj Portrait Studio) that understands lighting, posing, and bringing out an individual’s best qualities.

Think about your audience – who are you appealing to and what message are you wanting to convey?

Hire a photographer that has the talent and ability to light and compose your headshot well – I have a suggestion if you need one;-). A gorgeous headshot can elevate both how you feel and your audience feels. Invest in yourself and your future. Another perk of a professional photographer? I can advise you on clothing, background colors, hair, make-up and ensure that your best self is put forward.

With that said, don’t forget the details – jewelry, nails, make-up, shoes, ties, clothing colors, lighting – all of these things and more play a role in the finished product.


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